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   Thibaut Falgairette, born in 1984 in Marseille, is a French composer and music producer living in Switzerland. He founded Swiss Media Productions in 2022, a production company specialized in music for Media such as Films, Series, Documentaries, Animations, Video Games or Podcasts.

   Former student of the ATLA school and The Sorbonne University of Paris, he studied with masters such as Claude Worms, Alexis Didier, Renato Velasco, and Jacques Labarriere. He also studied guitar and harmony in Switzerland with André Decosterd at the Jazz School of Lausanne : EJMA.

  Various projects have marked his career as a professional musician, including co-directing and co-writing music albums such as Je vous imagine (Michel-2008), Sacrifice (Esther Lis-2010), Robynson and the Passengers of Dreams (Robynson-2012), The Story of Don Pedro (2014), and Always (2016) by the same artist.

Between 2009 and 2018, Thibaut composed three albums of a musical tetralogy titled Sounds Of Life. These works feature collaborations with internationally renowned artists such as the flautist Frédéric Chatoux from L'Opéra de Paris, the virtuoso violinist Mélodie Pican, and the pianist prodigy and singer Imelda Gabs, winner of the Montreux Jazz Academy.

The conclusion of the tetralogy is currently being composed alongside scoring works for films, series, documentaries, and video games.​

Thibaut is the guitarist and banjoist of the Irsh-Flok-Klezmer band Ourragang.


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